Bio-based Scandinavian vegan leather based on forest and food side streams – step 1

The project ran between May and October 2022.

Problems associated with today’s animal-based and synthetic leather industries, including high carbon footprint and pollution, calls for the development of a new, ethical, sustainable, economically viable leather-like material from eco-friendly starting materials. The food and forest industries generate waste streams that can be valorized into fully biobased vegan leather products.

A consortium of four industrial partners from raw material producers (Brunneby Musteri and SCA Massa) to retailers (Irmas Fabric and Filippa K) together with RISE defined a project to valorize the two biomasses from production waste streams toward leather application.
The two side streams biomasses were valorized by a synergistic combination with green additives to produce the first frame of fully biobased Swedish vegan leather. The developed 100% biobased vegan leather-like films that are the first step towards promising fashion applications.


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Irmas Fabric, Brunneby Musteri, SCA Massa and Filippa K.


The projects’ budget was 796 000 SEK.

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