Bio-based piezofibres for technical textiles – step 1

The aim of this project is to evaluate and develop bio-based thermoplastic polymers (bioplastics) for high value applications in technical textiles, based on their potential piezoelectric characteristics. The development of high value applications for bioplastics, is one key to promote a continued growth of the bioplastics sector.

This project aims to explore one such (high value) application: bio-based piezoelectric fibres for technical textiles. A piezoelectric material is a material that can generate an electric field when deformed. Recent research indicates that the bio-based sector can provide a new innovative source for piezoelectric polymers.


Gaia Biomaterials, (SE), Senbis (NL), Grafren (SE), Camfil (SE), Andritz (D) and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB (SE).

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 900 KSEK and the project runs for 6 months – between May and November 2024.