Biobased barrier to replace aluminum – step 1

The project ran between November 2018 och June 2019.

The purpose was to create a new application for Swedish forest raw materials and to develop a biobased renewable barrier material that is suitable for replacing energy-consuming aluminum foil. The aim of the project is to apply a thin layer of bio based material on substrate and together with a biofilm to replace energy-consuming aluminum foil as a gas barrier. The application technique worked as expected and material tests show both good gas and grease barrier properties that are close to these aluminum barrier properties.

Pilot trials showed that the new coating technology is a suitable technique for coating the new renewable biobased barrier material. The oxygen barrier performance was tested by using the standard OTR “Oxygen Transmission rate” method to test the oxygen barrier property. The values were found to be a really low level which is close to aluminum gas barrier values. There is a great development potential for both bio-based barrier materials and the application technology. With these developments, we can take an important step in moving Sweden towards bio-based social economy.


Iggesund Paperboard, Holmen AB och Tallriksfabriken as well as a number of project partners and subcontractors that covered the entire value chain.


The project’s budget was 1 690 000 SEK.