Area analysis circular wood construction

The area analysis is concluded (conducted between December 2021 and April 2022). 

Construction in wood is an important area in the transition to a circular bioeconomy. Both in the EU and in Sweden, questions are being raised about the need for climate- efficient and resource-efficient construction, but also concerning the renovation and upgrading of our existing building stock. As a material, wood will be important for the construction sector, partly because of its low CO2 footprint, but also because it is a material that creates the opportunity for flexibility during the life of the building, and makes it possible to recycle and reuse the material at the end of the life of the building. 

It is necessary to develop systems and business models for the reuse of materials, components and products removed from existing buildings in conjunction with renovation, conversion, extension or demolition. Development projects are underway in many areas, but there is no overall strategy or road map for prioritising the most important issues. 

On behalf of BioInnovation, Sweco will conduct an area analysis of circular wood construction between December 2021 and April 2022. Through information searches, stakeholder dialogues and round table discussions, future challenges and opportunities, as well as strategic development needs, will be identified and analysed. 

The objectives of the project are to: 

  • Map and compile the ways in which new national and international (EU) directives on targets for circularity, climate and energy efficiency in this area will affect the industry. 
  • Map ongoing national and major international (EU and Canada) initiatives and projects in the area. 
  • Map and analyse the development needs of the business community through stakeholder dialogues. 
  • Conduct round table discussions where the identified development needs are discussed and established. 
  • Produce a report summarising the process and the established strategic development needs.

Within the project, all parts of a building’s life cycle will be mapped and prioritised: 

  • How to build today to be able to rebuild, renovate and recycle in the future. 
  • Effective methods for maintenance, retrofitting and renovation of existing buildings; and 
  • How to reuse and recycle bio-based materials for new purposes.

Presentation of the project at the BioInnovation programme conference in June 2022 (in Swedish):

Steering Committes

Catrin Gustavsson – Södra (PB)
Susanne Rudenstam – Sveriges Träbyggnadskansli
Marie Johansson – RISE & Linnaeus University (TE) 
Tomas Alsmarker – Swedish Wood