Area analysis bio-based chemical industry

The area analysis is concluded (conducted between September 2022 and February 2023).  

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The chemical industry’s complex product portfolio offers challenges, but also provides opportunities of various kinds when fossil-based raw materials are to be replaced by bio-based ones. The interest, motivation and opportunities for the transition may differ for the fuel sector, the plastics industry and for platform chemicals, for example. Regardless of which part of the chemical industry is involved in the transition, the value chain must be correctly constructed. 

BioInnovation has identified the transition of the chemical industry from fossil fuel use to the use of bio-based materials as one area where there is a substantial need for increased knowledge and basic understanding, to support the development of the phasing in of sustainable bio-based raw materials, materials, products and associated processes. What are the current research needs and what obstacles to the development of a bio-based chemical industry can be identified? 

Project objectives 

The project goal was to increase the understanding of the bio-based chemical industry, and its development needs. An area analysis/knowledge overview was carried out to highlight the chemical industry’s transition to bio-based raw materials, and how quickly the phasing out of fossil-based materials is taking place. Is an intermediate step needed, where hybrid materials also have a part to play? The work was conducted in the context of what is applied to fossil-based materials. 

The project was carried out partly through literature review, partly through stakeholder dialogues and via round table discussions, with the aim of analysing and identifying strategic development needs and future opportunities. The stakeholders were identified from within academia and industry. In this case, the industry can be described as research institutes, material manufacturers and product owners. There are several other initiatives concerning recycled raw materials. This area analysis did not include these, but was instead limited to bio-based raw materials in the chemical industry. The work resulted in an analysis and a report. 

Stakeholders and budget 

The assignment was carried out by NiNa Innovation. The project had a total budget of 400 000 SEK. 

Steering Committes

Nils Hannerz – IKEM (PB)
John Sandström – Univar solutions (TE)
Fredrik Solhage – RISE
Sverker Danielsson – Chairman, BioInnovation