Advanced biobased composites – step 1

The project ran between May and October 2022.

The basic prerequisites to produce structured composite materials with CelluXtreme’s fiber as a base have been verified. The project has shown that CelluXtrem’s fiber works well with both a conventional epoxy system and a bio-based one. The material testing has shown that CelluXtreme’s fibers provide increased stiffness and energy absorption in comparison to a pure epoxy sample from the same casting. The work with PLA showed similar result even though the method for preparing samples must be further developed.

Overall, the project has delivered important results for CelluXtreme’s continued development of a composite concept based on the company’s strong, stiff and light fibres. The technical maturity has gone from TRL2 to TRL3-4. Further verification work and demonstrator development will continue in a project funded by Lighter.


CelluXtreme and RISE.


The projects’ budget was 440 000 SEK.