3D-printed kayak based on wood fiber reinforced recycled plastic – step 1

The project will verify the use of wood fiber to reinforce recycled plastics and to realize the 3D printing technology for boat production. By doing this the project aims to promote the economic drive for plastic recycling. Commercialization of this innovation is facilitated by 1) replacing the virgin plastics with renewable wood fiber biocomposites, based on recycled plastics for hull manufacture, 2) replacing the conventional production method with a pilot-scale 3D printing/additive manufacturing method and 3) to verify a sustainable share economic model for the non-motorized boats.

A large impact can be expected from this project on primarily the following UN SDGs: 12.5, 9.4, 14.8 and 12.8. This is based on the product’s value and increasing market volume in the recreational boat industry. In addition, the social and market influence in the water sports and the recycling industry.


Biofiber Tech Sweden AB, Melker of Sweden AB and RISE IVF AB.

Budget and time plan

The project’s total budget is 1 MSEK and the projects runs during six months between November 2021 and May 2022.