3D-Cellfilament – step 2

The project ran between May 2022 and February 2024.

This project was the continuation of the project “BioCell-filament”: BioInnovation step 1.

3D printing with filament is the most common technology in additive manufacturing (with plastics). This project wanted to replace carbon fiber with nanocellulose as a strengthening agent and produce a 3D printable filament.

The project has successfully developed a new nanocellulose modification and extruded a 3D-filament from a biocomposite (cellulose-PLA) that works in commercial 3D printers.

Photo from the project.

The nanonocellulose also works as a strengthening agent in other plastics.

This project was carried out as a collaboration. Mittuniversitet and Organofuel Sweden AB produced modified nanocellulose, which was compounded into granules at Chalmers University of Technology and RISE. Infold AB converted the granules into 3D-printing filaments. The material was mechanically characterized at RISE and tested for printability at Infold AB.


Infold AB, Mittuniversitetet and Organofuel AB.


The projects´s budget was 4 MSEK.

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