100 % biobased and biodegradable airlaid nonwoven

Plastic waste is creating serious impacts on ecosystems, wildlife and human health. The annual ~8 million ton plastic waste in the ocean is mainly coming from single-use plastic products of which a considerable amount are nonwoven materials. The annual consumption of airlaid nonwoven is ~450 000 tonnes in which ~60 000 tonnes of plastic binders are used. This project aims at completing the development of the new biobased binder which will replace the plastic binders. The project includes partners from the whole value chain, including supplier of biobased binders (OrganoClick), airlaid production (Finnish nonwoven producer), and final products (Finess Hygiene), which will demonstrate the new biobased and biodegradable material in production of e.g. hygiene products.


OrganoClick, Finess Hygiene and a Finnish nonwoven producer.

Budget & timeplan

The project’s budget is 11 150 000 SEK (from Swedish partners) plus 700 000 EUR (from Finnish partners) and the project runs between December 2019 and May 2022.