100% bio-based fluorine free fire-fighting foams from Swedish biomass – step 1

The project ran between May and October 2022.

This project has tested three hypotheses (related to technology, market and sustainability) for a patent-sought technology for fluorine-free bio-based firefighting liquids.

After extensive studies, lab work, fire tests and interaction with the industry, the conclusion is that the concept cannot be commercialized at this stage and that it needs further development to be implemented in fire extinguishers, and to surpass today’s fluorine-free products in terms of performance and environmental profile.

Several important collaboration partners (e.g in the field of fluid dynamics and with producers of biobased raw materials) have been identified. A proposal for a large joint project will be sent to the EU in the spring of 2023 with the aim of taking the concept further. Meanwhile Infiniton will explore the concept further along new routes identified.

Work in the project has also given Infiniton a very good insight into the firefighting foam industry and the challenges that exist there, which has contributed to a number of separate innovations/tools for firefighting formulation. These are now taken forward in collaboration with Dafo Fomtec AB.


Infiniton AB and Dafo Fomtec AB.


The project’s budget was almost 700 KSEK.