Saw mill 4.0 Customized flexible saw mill production by integrating data driven models and decisions

The industrial high-resolution X-ray tomography (CT) that Norra Skogsägarna installed at the Sävar sawmill will soon be followed by equipment at the Fiskarheden sawmill. These CT plants represent a technological advancement for sawmills that open the way to higher yields and new production planning strategies.

In order to be able to exploit the opportunities that this CT technology offers, significant efforts will be required from both researchers and sawmill staff to develop not only the CT process itself but also strategies for how the CT-data output can be utilized.

By combining CT detection of logs with automated grading systems at later production stages, the process can be stream-lined and results from the log measurements can be monitored and verified. In this area, development of methods and procedures are also required. An important part of the process is whether the information created in the CT scanner’s powerful computer system can be used effectively for detection of optimal log orientation and how to rotate the log before sawing, and whether an increased value can be effected in the remaining value chain.

The project aims to link high-quality information of the wood-properties along the wood-value chain to increase the control that “the right wood material goes to the right customer and product”. This is simplified by linking 3D interior log-parameters to timber quality based on a surface scanner equipment with end-customer assessments. The project will also develop new materials-management, process and optimization technologies that have been shown to be valid at the laboratory scale.


Luleå tekniska universitet, Norra Skogsägarna, FinScan and Microtec.

Budget & time plan

The project’s budget is 12 MSEK and the project runs between 2018-10-01 and 2021-03-31.