Personalized products and services – BioComp-PPS (BioComposites)

The project ran between September 2017 and October 2021.

The sub-project Personalized products and services was part of the innovation project BioComposites. The eight project partners collaborated along the entire value chain to develop systematic solutions that enable the industrial sector’s a transition to a bioeconomy. We started with development of materials from different bio-origins, wood, plant, and bacteria. These materials were then used in creating personalized products by two additive manufacturing (AM) techniques, FDM (fused deposition modelling) and SLS (selective laser sintering). Convertibility and AM processability of these materials have been evaluated. Four demonstrators, two prosthetic / orthotic devices and two accessories, were created by the AM techniques with these materials. The demonstrators have been evaluated either by experts who have long term experiences in production and services of the respective products or through clinic tests. Market studies with respect to the transition to fossil-free materials and additive manufacturing (3D printing) that reduces material waste and lead-time of personalized products and services have been conducted. The project has advanced the TRLs from 2-4 to 4-6 and resulted in three journal articles, two conferences reports, and one master’s thesis.


Addema AB, Embreis AB, Fillauer Furope, H&M, Holmen AB, LL-Bolagen AB, Ortopedteknik i Örebro’s county, Perstorp AB.


The project’s budget was 11 835 000 SEK.