Paper-based bottles (BioComposites)

The project ran between July 2017 and April 2021.

The sub-project Paper-based bottles was part of the innovation project BioComposites. The main project goal was the development of a paper-based bottle for carbonated drink. This included the development of a strong paper shell, an associated barrier and application process thereof. The investigation also related to the measurement methods of different properties of the bottle. An evaluation of the circularity of the final packaging concept was also part of the goals.

During the project, in agreement between all partners, focus shifted towards the barrier. It was found that a certain dry coating application process fit the demands imposed by the substrate and the envisioned processing pace. Several barrier materials were investigated and showed promising properties. The barrier to moisture and oxygen of the bottle was improved. As the project ends, the barrier properties achieved for bottles do not allow for packaging of carbonated beverage, but fit the requirements of other liquids and semi-solids that can be packaged in the bottle.

The circularity potential of the solution was evaluated within the BioComposites coordination project.


BillerudKorsnäs AB, Karlstad University, Paper Bottle Company and RISE.


The project’s budget was 23 MSEK.