Novel starch-based adhesive systems to enable recycling of fibreboards

The project aims at addressing all technical, market and sustainability challenges for applying starch-based adhesives in the contemporary fibreboard manufacturing. That is expected to offer several advancements to the current state, such as more sustainable production by replacing the petroleum-derived UF resins used today as well as material reuse that reduces the pressure on forests to deliver fresh fibres.

The industry has a central role in the process for integrating the developed concepts into current industrial landscapes, and represents some of the most renowned players in the value chain: an agricultural cooperative and starch producer (Lantmännen) and a manufacturer of wood panels and mass consumption furniture (IKEA of Sweden).

Linnaeus University provides the enabling research resources in this field while Nova Innovation Solutions will help in presenting a novel recycling method for fibreboards based on water jets.


Linnéuniversitetet, Lantmännen, IKEA and Nova Innovation Solutions.

Budget & time plan

The project’s budget is 3,9 MSEK and the project runs between June 2020 and May 2022.

Read more about the project at Linnaeus University’s website.