Manufacturing processes for strong hydrophobic bio-materials using hot pressing technology

The project aims to streamline the value chain from choosing the right material as well as further develop properties of 3D honey-comb like products made from fluting, innerliner and cardboard or liner for the production of bio-based strong water-resistant board materials. End users are manufacturers in building construction. Our approach is to use the natural adhesive properties of wood lignin to create bonds between lignin-rich wood and pulp fibres into strong water-resistant materials by optimizing hot pressing technology. Our purpose is to develop technology that enables bio-based materials to replace the plastics and composites that are currently used in building constructions in floors as well as walls and ceilings. Overall, the new bio-based materials for the construction industry will significantly enhance the circularity of the new fossil-free economy.


MoRe Research Örnsköldsvik AB, Flooré AB, Ipco AB, Re-board Technology AB, Gludan GmbH, Ecohelix AB, Biosorbe AB and Mid Sweden University.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 5.5 MSEK and the project runs for two years – between August 2023 and July 2025.