LI-LI-BIO: Lipid separation and valorization of process water from food industry utilizing forest based biosorbent – step 1

LI-LI-BIO tested the use of an innovative biosorbent from forest-based, renewable raw materials for separating fats from food industry process water. The project also investigated the possibilities of valorizing the removed bisorbent, and the absorbed fat, together and separately after fat separation.

The project results indicate that the biosorbent has a good absorption capacity for different types of oil and grease found in the food industry process waters that were tested during the project. This suggests that the biosorbent would be effective to install in the food industry wastewater treatment where fats and oils are present, as an addition to, or replacement for, traditional fat separation. The next steps include pilot studies, which use larger water flows and fat content to investigate the possibilities of implementing the biosorbent in current fat/wastewater treatment systems. Additional investigations on the quantities of biosorbent that is optimal for certain flows and the biosorbent’s dewatering properties, are required. In addition to this, biodegradability tests should be carried out, to ensure that the biosorbent can be disposed of through e.g., biogas production.


AAK, Biosorbe AB, Estrella AB, Triumf Glass AB and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget was 665 200 SEK.