Enhancing the efficiency of solar cells and solar panels with bio-based material from algae – step 2

The project ran between May 2020 and August 2022.

The project goal was to achieve a higher efficiency of solar panels through an optimized process for coating the surface with biobased material from algae. The project succeeded in developing a method for dispersion of the material and a reliable method to coat solar panels. The coating increased the efficiency of solar panels in tests conducted by an external institute.

The project also included simulations of anti-reflective properties with good results, which resulted in a patent application. The project also performed transmission tests on glass and Midsummer’s frontsheet material and measured the photoluminescence of the coatings. This resulted in an increased understanding of the materials optical properties and in a list of requirements that SAFAB will use to identify new diatom species that are more optimal for the efficiency enhancement of solar panels. This work will be conducted in a new project founded by the Swedish Energy Agency.


Swedish Algae Factory AB, Chalmers University of Technology, The Foundation Chalmers Industriteknik and Midsummer AB.


The projects budget was 4 300 000 SEK.

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