BioComposites for Active Meeting Places (Biocomposites)

The project ran between June 2017 and June 2020.

The project was a part of the innovation project Biocomposites. The project group co-operated along the entire value chain to produce prototypes for high value products from agricultural side streams. One product was evaluated in an environment that represents active meeting and work places. In the project, Lantmännen participated as a raw material supplier and primary processor of the raw material (oat hulls), OrganoClick as material and process developer (biocomposite and compression molding) and Offecct as developer and manufacturer of interior products in sustainable materials, as well as ÅF with the ambition to provide functional and sustainable work environments. Sandell Sandberg and Studio Stockholm worked with the design of the products and the active meeting places. NiNa Innovation led the work in the project, as well as cooperation with other projects within the innovation project BioComposites, and worked with the development of the value chain.


OrganoClick, Offecct, Lantmännen, Studio Stockholm, SandellSandberg and ÅF Infrastructure.


The project’s budget was 7 340 000 SEK.