Bio-based graphene in transparent conductive films – step 1

The project ran between May and October 2021. 

The project was about studying graphene flakes from Bright Day Graphene as a base for ink for transparent conductive films (TCF). Peafowl Solar Power (PSP) tested it as a possible material for back contact to be used on their transparent solar cells. It has been proved that this material could indeed be used as a possible transparent back contact since a n-p junction behavior was observed many times for different samples and conditions. However, some improvements have still to be made before trying to build a complete solar cell with the graphene flakes. The conductivity needs to be improved and the idea of finding an appropriate filler to deal with it must be investigated more. In the project it was done with electrodeposited TiO2, it has been showed that it is a very interesting and reliable way to deposit a blocking layer. This method could also be scaled up for production of solar cells.


Bright Day Graphene AB and Peafowl Solar Power AB.


The project’s total budget was 600 000 SEK.