okt 07

Resource-Smart Processes Fall Conference

The first Resource-smart Processes Conference taking place at Kemicentrum in Lund. PhD Students, postdocs, PI’s and industry partners involved in the research school will gather for our very first annual conference to share and discuss research and education within the program.

9.00 Welcome and start of the conference
Merima Hasani, Associate Professor, Chalmers
Olena Sevastyanova, Docent, KTH

9.15 Keynote

10.00 Project presentations – Session 1

10.30 Coffee break

11.00 Project presentations – Session 2

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Project presentations – Session 3

14.00 Coffee break

14.30 Project presentations – Session 4

15.30 Wrap-up and summary

Practical details for the conference

Who can attend: All PhDs, postdocs, researchers and industry partners who are part of the Resource-smart Processes program, as well as everyone who is associated to the national collaboration platform Treesearch. You can also be an invited guest.

OBS! The ForMAX guided tour as well as the dinner on the 6th of October is only open for affiliated persons to the Resource-smart Processes program!

Cost: The conference is free of charge.

Venue: Lund University, Kemicentrum, Room KC – F (click here to see a map of the building)

Read more and register at the Resource-Smart Processes web.