sep 10

FibRe international conference 2024

FibRe would like to invite all of you to their first international conference. FibRe is a research consortium between Chalmers University of Technology and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, industry and public organisation partners and is funded by Vinnova, and the participating organisations. The scope of the centre is to develop knowledge and skills required to replace fossil-based plastics with lignocellulose-based counterparts.

Centre activities span broadly over modification of lignocellulose (wood pulp and wheat straw), development of advanced characterization methods required to assess where the modification has taken place, and processing of the cellulose-rich materials by various methods. Now, the time has come to organize an international conference where the topics of the conference mirror the scope of the FibRe competence centre.

Read more and registrer at the FibRe international website